April 6, 2023 Training

Web Design for Beginners by Envato Tuts on Youtube

(cont. from yesterday)

Tabs are a UI control element to segregate and organize information that doesn’t need to be on entirely separate pages

Accordions are UI control elements that also organize and segregate info (like an FAQ)

Best for simple, text heavy uses

For contact forms, keep like information grouped with like. Consider how it will look on computer versus mobile. Consider that forms that look big/long will be intimidating to users.

Your site should be responsive! It is 2023, this has been a thing for 10 years, there’s no excuse

Test, test, test

Remember, scale down till it breaks and then redesign

HTML and CSS for Beginners by Envato Tuts on Youtube

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

HTML is NOT a programming language. All browsers will always render HTML

In a new file, specify “<!Doctype HTML>”. This tells the browser which version of HTML to use

Specifying language is good for search engines and accessibility “en-us”

Use <meta> tags to tell search engines info about your site like keywords, authors, descriptions, and character sets (remember, these go in the header and aren’t visible on the page)

HTML comments are lines of code ignored by the compiler (so you can say what a section is about in the code)

There are self-closing tags (which don’t have a separate close and whose entire contents exist within the single tag)

Not all attributes have a value to specify (color and hex code vs disabled)