August 24, 2022 Training

WordPress for Beginners by Sinead Garaghty on SkillShare

Optimize your images

Choose your theme

    Update, confirm plugins, and delete any extraneous themes

    Update colors, text under the customize tab

Consider SEO – there are tools to measure this, like Yoast

Elementor is an easier editor if you want to avoid doing things manually

WordPress is not that complicated, can be easily set up and maintained

Easy Infographic Basics by Jaqueline Jensen on SkillShare

Visual data is more engaging, attracts users, increases retention

There are three types of infographics: persuasion (comparison, promotion, complex content), reporting, and storytelling

Choose colors, shapes, aesthetics, etc to unify your design/communicate your brand

Intro to HTML Email Development by Vanessa Baez on SkillShare

HTML emails work through tables

Every tr is new row (<tr></tr>)


        <tr> (table row)

            <td> (table data, the cell)




Remember html style variables

If you have rows with different numbers of columns, break them into separate tables

Remember to optimize images

Don’t use paragraph tags, use span or text tags instead (work more consistently across emails)

*See project file for work

Instructional Design for Creating Stunning Online Courses by Farhad Haque on Skillshare

The process of creating deliverables for learning

ADDIE Model – Analyze, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate

    Analyze – who is it for, how are you sharing it, what info does it need

    Design – plot how you will answer the questions from the analyze stage

    Development – build what you have planned and test it

    Implement – share the things

    Evaluate – ask where you succeeded, where you failed, and where it is almost there

Developing Concepts for Editorial Illustration Using InDesign by James Olstein on SkillShare

Consider the specs of the task – how big, how much time, what is it, what colors, etc.

Sketch your design and offer it for feedback; consider composition, layout, white space

Create proofing page – include name, project, info about image, space for image

Send to client