August 26, 2022 Training

How to Write SEO Content and Improve Traffic to your Site by Suzanne Scacca on SkillShare

It’s not just about how many keywords you have, its about how relevant those keywords are. People leaving your site quickly is bad for your SEO

Suggests template. Intro between 100-300 words, and three to four lines per paragraph.

Have 2 to 3 paragraphs between headings

Use pictures! Helps break up text, can provide more SEO terms in alt text

Use to figure out which keywords are more valuable to use

Try to use your keyword in your title, first paragraph

Yoast SEO plugin – allows you to edit with Googles metrics in mind

Copywriting for Beginners by Jesse Forrest on SkillShare

Content Writing – writing for building a relationship with the audience

Copywriting  – writing that inspires action

Research your audience – who are they? what is their problem? what does your product offer? what separates you from your competition?

Speak your audiences language. That’s who your content is for

5 tips:

1. Highlight or bold important info

2. Bulleted lists

3. Meaningful subheadings

4. Short paragraphs

5. Short sentences

5 second test – Do visitors stay longer than 5 seconds? If not, you lack clarity

Headlines are vital to get right – clarity is king, avoid hype, be specific

Subheaders – a chance to expand upon the topic. Should answer why they should choose you and what benefits they should expect

Keep calls to action highly visible and easy to understand

Reorient boring features into irresistible benefits

11 ways to answer “Why you?”

1. Better Pricing

2. Speed

3. Free (i.e. shipping)

4. Risk reversal (i.e. money-back guarantee)

5. Higher quality

6. Longer lasting

7. More experience or specialized knowledge

8. Bigger range to choose from

9. Superior customer support

10. Access (i.e. 24-hour gym)

11. Technology

Consider how powerful it is to see something working

Take a break. Write many drafts. Your first draft will not be your best. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Do easy parts first. Remember writing isn’t linear.

Grant Writing Basics for Beginners by Theresa Huff on SkillShare

What is a grant? Funding that is meant to support your organization/project. Come with limitations and restricted uses. Require effort from you. Require you to report back.

Are you ready for a grant? You need leadership, staff and volunteers, clear missions and goals, tax status and documentation, formal budget, multiple funding sources, and clients.

10 Myths:

    A grant cannot get you started

    You can keep grants as secret money

    Grant money is an easy bounty

    Grant funds are a free for all

    Grants care about need, not about passion

    Guidelines are suggestions

    Grants are no risk

    You can apply with the same application

    You need multiple hands and established relationships

Where to find grants

    Federal, state, and local governments

    Corporations with philanthropic branches

    Private foundations

    Local communities


Think like a reviewer

How I Prepare and Structure My Online Courses by Andrew Pach on SkillShare

Keep consistent and organized files

Consider your branding and thumbnails. Should be consistent and legible

Only do the things you’re invested in