April 13, 2023 Training

Frontend Web Development Bootcamp Course by FreeCodeCamp (cont. from yesterday) Built in Javascript Utility Methods Use MDN Web Docs as reference – good hub of JS resources Includes good info on browser compatibility – remember to consider your audience The most important thing to learn is syntax more than anything. You can always reference operators

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April 11, 2023 Training

Brand Identity to Web Design by Flux Academy on Youtube Remember your audience Remember your brand Remember the content Complete Guide to Starting Web Design by Flux Academy on Youtube Beginners tend to use templates and focus on just getting the website live Professionals strategize, begin with wireframes, and do more custom designs and animations/interactions

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April 5, 2023 Training

Web Design for Beginners by Envato Tuts on Youtube UX Design includes things like information architecture, user psychology, usability testing, content strategy, wireframes, interaction design, etc. UI Design includes things like color, typography, spacing, sizing, shape, etc. Web Design includes building the site. They often are UX designers, UI designers, or both. Project briefs –

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March 23, 2023 Training

The Thinking Classroom by Jennifer Gonzalez on CultOfPedagogy.com Methodology built on 14 principles – These are definitely primarily towards a math classroom, but it has concepts that apply. For example, the point is to keep learners engaged and to give them the opportunity to lead their own learning. Allowing learners to do frequent activities, even

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