Creating and Deploying MicroLearning by Chris Mattia

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What is Microlearning?

Highly focuses, flexible, and targeted approach to teaching and learning

Focus on a single topic, targets specific need

Accessible (on device and more)

Microlearning assets can be part of a larger learning experience (a video in a lesson teaches a specific concept) — good organizational structure is key

Small, bite sized lessons encourages people to keep going

Allowing multiple points on entry encourages people to try the lesson and allows them to come back to it when they may need it again

Design for deep learning: make content approachable, engaging and provide a framework to learners to drill deeper into subject

To assess your effectiveness, start with setting realistic goals (did the user continue to the next lesson, take a quiz, etc?)

Can be videos, infographics, memes, etc.

Should be intuitive, easy to read and understand

Know your audience, or your content can lost in the internet (You can use analytics to learn more about them)