Creativity at Work Training on July 5, 2021

Creativity at Work by Seth Godin

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Creativity is looking a something in a new way to gain a new understanding of it, can increase familiarity, increase efficiency, or increase engagement

Difficulty in work/hobbies/personal life can come from continuing to do things the same way, even if you’re good at them (the world changes)

    — concept of play and engagement with life

Distractions aren’t distractions, they’re opportunities

Creativity at work can lead to the creation of value

If you strive to be a creative person, your job is to make change happen

    Ask: What change are you making? Who is involved? How will you know if it worked?

A problem with a solution isn’t a problem anymore. A problem without a solution is a situation, not a problem. Hearing an outsider’s perspective can give you insights into the problems you can’t solve (for now).

Start by making the problem visible (digestible)

Our job is to find problems to be solved

Solutions never begin as perfect! (you work on that after you start)

Management is required, Leadership is optional (authority vs. responsibility)

You must commit to failure

    Being creative means that you will try things that will fail, even when it’s scary

Scientists don’t do experiments to see what works, they do experiments to see what fails in hopes of learning what does work

It doesn’t matter if it’s good; it only matters that it happens (at some point, you’ll stop getting hung up on what’s good and find answers that are less obvious)

Embrace the uncertainty. How can you possibly know if you are qualified to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved?

The goal is to do work that matters for people who care