Interactive Lessons Training (June 1, 2021)

PowerPoint for Teachers: Creating Interactive Lessons by Faith Brill

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It is better to use a little technology in a very thorough way than it is to use a lot of technology in a very shallow way. Meaning, a lot of technology can be used as a novelty and instructors can rely on that to teach instead of teaching themselves (which usually does not build any deep understanding or meaningful interactions with students). Using “low-tech” solutions in an interactive and comprehensive way can become the tool to create understanding and relationships.

Interactive engagement results in dramatic student gains

Five essentials for designing effective slides

    Keep it simple

    Use high quality (and relative) images

    Keep it consistent

    Don’t worry about transitions/animations

    Content comes first

Allow students to think about potential answers to questions before providing it. Provide questions/objectives at the start of lesson to highlight what they need to focus on.