January 20, 2023 Training

How to Provide More Meaningful Feedback in Less Time by Matthew Johnson

Learning requires meaningful feedback from the teacher

Good feedback must be regular, timely, and clear

Keep focus on one or two objectives, so there is less to grade and learners spend more time with that content

Learners should be assessing themselves – reduces teacher workload and forces learners to know where they do and don’t know the content

Use technology to reduce redundancies – like automating responses

Three ways to do flash feedback:

  1. Targeted Response – by keeping scope small, you can make sure that students know what they are supposed to be learning and reduce the amount of time grading requires
  2. Micro-Conferences – use one or two minutes to connect with a student on their learning and reorient them if needed
  3. Wise Interventions – acknowledging the student and attempting to connect with them (even in small ways) can encourage them to invest deeper in their learning