November 16, 2020 Training

Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing Perfection by Shani Raja

Deep Edit

  1. Content
    1. Is everything unique and meaningful? Does it all make sense? Is everything true and relevant?
  2. Structure
    1. Do the points make sense in order? What needs to happen to make it so?
  3. Style
    1. What needs to be changed so that all ideas are expressed simply, clearly, and elegantly?
  4. Presentation
    1. Grammar, spelling, typos; inconsistencies

Get a feel of what the piece is (map out the territory). Remember who, what, why…

This piece is doing __(what)__ for __(who)__.

Try to understand what the piece is about before reaching out to the author (they will be grateful for not having to explain things to you that are explained in the story)

Specific to article editing, but break articles up by each point made.

Double check that all points make sense on their own, and in the greater context.

Double check that all points are relevant, cut what isn’t.