November 5, 2020

WordPress: Accessibility by Joe Dolson (cont. from yesterday)

Images — Decorative icon fonts and SVGs should have an aria-hidden=”true” attribute attached; this will tell screen readers to ignore these items; items that are functional (image buttons) should have alt text describing what that item is for.

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (aria) is a set of attributes that define ways to make web content and web applications (especially those developed with JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities

Captioning is an important part of having images/videos on your site

Captions, first priority, can replace “entire audio soundscape”

Subtitles, similar to captions but they are used to ensure the text is available to users who can hear

Form accessibility is complicated. Video mentions Ajax form editor can be used to set up easily navigable forms with understandable notifications. Can current form plugin do similar work?

Don’t use positional references on items (right, left); instead use item 1 or 2 (etc.) which will remain true even if the site is redesigned.

    –Does “button below” work the same way?

Usability — Design Review, Automate Testing, User Testing, and Assistive Technology can be used to test accessibility of a site (humans should still be involved though) w/ plugin access monitor can also test accessibility

Also, axe by Deque, which is a Chrome (?) extension

Routinely test accessibility — after plugin update, adding new content, changing design