November 6, 2020 Training

Graphic Design on Youtube

Learn the Most Common Design Mistakes by Non Designers by Visme

Typically 50-60 characters per line of text for easy readability

A bitmap (or raster graphic) is a digital image composed of a matrix of dots. When viewed at 100%, each dot corresponds to an individual pixel on a display. In a standard bitmap image, each dot can be assigned a different color. Together, these dots can be used to represent any type of rectangular picture.

The 2019 UI Design Crash Course for Beginners by DesignCourse

What is UI Design?

UI is visual (screens, pages, vis elements) vs. UX is focused on user experience

UI is how it looks and functions

UI focuses on the design and prototyping, as compared to front end devs who use HTML, CSS, an JS to make it real

Design Fundamentals

Break rules when (and only when) it makes sense to break them

Not from this course | User headers in appropriate hierarchies to show relative importance/organization; HTML structure should ideally be meaningful and assist non sighted users (or users who have CSS disabled) in understanding how the page is laid out without it

10 Photoshop Features Every Graphic Design Should Know by tutvid

1. Text editing in top toolbar and character menu

2. Masks and images; Clipping masks and text

3. Snapping/snap to guide/smart guides

    F12 reverts file to state it was in when it was last opened

4. Alignment/Spacing

Distribute (horizontal/vertical) centers in order to space out multiple items evenly

5. Vectors in Photoshop

    Shift + Alt will resize image while keeping proportions and keeping centered

6. Pen Tool

    Can create path, save path and reuse shape for masks, etc. later

7. Smart Objects

    Able to readjust edits made to shapes without undoing work; preserve quality of shape

    Convert shape/text to Smart Object to start, works life AE double click

    Can be used to link color palettes to items so changing palette will change all items

        Use Smart object as a clipping mask over relevant item

8. Linked Graphics

    Works similar to Smart objects, but can work between separate files

9. Artboards

    Can duplicate and place artboards relative to each other using the plus sign that appears

10. Exporting

    No PDF or TIFF features in Export As, Use Artboards to Files instead

    Export As when you right click on a layer is different that ExportAs under the Menu File

5 Elementor Tips and Tricks

Span tags to change individual parts within other HTML elements

WordPress: Developing Secure Sites by Jeff Starr on

Back ups, like an insurance policy

User Roles

Administrator — install plugins/themes; create/manage users; manage options/settings; import/export content; plus all of the following

Editor — publish/edit posts; moderate comments; manage categories; upload files; plus all of the following

    Author — edit/publish/delete posts; upload files; plus all of the following

    Contributor — edit/delete posts; plus all of the following

    Subscriber — read (essentially registered visitors)

WordPress is very secure on its own, but plugins/themes can open up vulnerabilities

Privacy for Executives and Aspiring Executives by Ninshant Bhajaria on

Privacy Laws — General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), among others per state, country, region, and nationally

63% of Americans surveyed say they understand very little or nothing about privacy laws

60% of US adults say they think it’s impossible to go through daily life w/out having data collected

Salesforce Research shows that customers want personalization (which requires data collection) and privacy

Customers who trust you are more likely to be honest and stick around

Good privacy is good business

Privacy controls should be enacted as soon as possible

Privacy Program Attributes — Consolidation, Ownership, Execution, Accountability, Metrics, Governance

Privacy = Security

Decentralization of data can allow innovation and efficiency, but cause data duplication and inconsistent protection measures

Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Describe nature, scope, context, and purposes of the processing

Assess necessity, proportionality, and compliance measures

Identify and assess risks to individuals

Identify any additional measure to mitigate those risks

Aim should never just be “legally compliant”, as actions may be in misalignment with the goal

    Also, ethics

Data governance lacks a formal description; structures that identify data, measure risk, and create strategies that protect it from misuse

    Components include classification, inventory, retention policies, and data deletion tooling

Basically, document what you have and what you’ll do with it, keep it safe, delete what’s not useful, and keep it all organized

Data Right Sizing — the effort to collect, access, process, and share data based on legitimate business needs and customer benefit, in line with commitments you have made to the customer

Control vs Choice (Privacy Setting Tools)

Transparency is key

Users want choice, both in what features they have access to, and what data they are willing to share

Vendor Assessment Risk — share data and share risks

Creative Video Editing by Ashley Kennedy on


Feature Film, 1,000 edits; Documentary, 500 edits; Action Movie, 2,000 edits

Rule of 6 (importance >)

Emotion 51%, Story 23%, Rhythm 10%; Eye Trace 7%, 2d Plane of Screen 5%, 3D Space 4%

Continuity Editing (the invisible art) combining the throughline of the film

Complexity Editing (edit is celebrated) bringing together shots that are discontinuous in order to elicit an emotion

Good shot coverage gives good range of emotion, shot variety, and visual interest

Insert Shot — closeup of something within the scene

Cutaway — interruption of main action to insert a shot of something else

Cutting on action — cutting at a moment of identical action in order to match shots (like when someone walks through a door (1917) cut on the initiation of an action

Match cut — cutting two visually similar shots together (Good, Bad, Ugly with headshots) complexity largely comes from planning for shooting

J Cut – Audio cut precedes the video cut

L Cut – Video cut precedes the audio cut