Peer Review Questionnaire

Please answer the questions thoroughly and truthfully. Your responses will be compiled along with those provided by other employees. The individual who is being reviewed will not be told which co-workers were asked to complete questionnaires. Thank you for your participation.
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Rating Definition

Use the following scale, thinking specifically of the person whose name appears above.

1 = Never , 2 = Occasionally , 3 = Sometimes , 4 = Most of the Time , 5 = Always , NE = No Experience

Select the number that most accurately describes your perception for each item. Please note that “NE” means you have no firsthand knowledge or experience with the individual.

Behaves in a manner consistent with the company’s mission, vision and values
Is viewed as a person of integrity by co-workers
Has an attitude of helpfulness toward co-workers
Does not speak poorly about other co-workers/supervisors with peers
Complies with company policies and procedures
Is professional and courteous when communicating with coworkers
Represents the company in a positive manner when interacting with customers
Is interested in continuing to develop new skills and to grow as a professional
Is clear with all instructions for tasks
Is readily available during events and easy to contact
Follows through with tasks and responsibilities in an appropriate and timely manner
Demonstrates respect for the work and ideas of others
Is considerate of the needs of others
Is willing to accept responsibility for his or her own actions
Is able to answer questions asked by coworkers
Is someone that you feel would make an effective supervisor
Is someone you feel comfortable approaching to ask for assistance or advice
Stays focused on helping internal and external customers
Demonstrates a willingness to listen to what others have to say
Overall performance
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.