September 13, 2022 Training

Build your WordPress Mailing List by Alexander Oni on SkillShare

Set up mailchimp account

Go to Dashboard

Go to Audience > Settings > Campaign Name and Defaults (adjust things to your likings)

Go to Campaigns > Settings > Edit Subject, Design, etc.

    Under Content, enter Hi *|IF:NAME|* |FNAME|*.*|END.IF|* (enters first name)

    You can link to socials

Set as regular or automated email

    Can be status updates, enrollments or unsubscribes, sales, etc.

Use plugin on WordPress (like Mail Opt in) to connect Mailchimp to WordPress

    Go to Integrations > Plug in > Link MailChimp ID to WordPress

A Complete Site-Owner’s Guide to Security by David Hayes on SkillShare

You can’t abdicate responsibility for security on a site you manage

It’s vital to stay on top of updates

Have a good password!

    Use a password manager

Use user roles appropriately (who really needs what access?)

Take backups often. Automate it if possible (like with BackupBuddy of Blogvault)

Only install trustworthy plugins

    Look for ratings, number of downloads, makers, and last updates

Test your site often to check that it looks correctly

SSL certificates

Some plugins will fail and stop being secure, check them frequently and be ready to pivot