September 9, 2022 Training

WordPress E-Commerce for Beginners by Chris Dixon on SkillShare
(cont. from yesterday)

Use shortcode on page that converts to contact form

Add and edit menus in Edit menu tab under appearance in sidebar

Sound Design in UX by Henry Daw on SkillShare

Sound as part of the user’s experience

Should improve usability

5 elements of ux (ranked from most concrete to most abstract)

  1. Surface
  2. Skeleton
  3. Structure
  4. Scope
  5. Strategy

Keep in minimal, but not boring

Keep sounds cohesive to create recognition

Design holistically, consider sound pairings for coordinating actions (open/close)

Remember to consider your brand, the environments the sounds will exist in, and other branded sounds you’re competing with

Web Design with WordPress by Derrick Mitchell on SkillShare

Difference between and (more advanced)

Mamp/Local by Flywheel can be used to create sites hosted locally

Configure base settings (don’t allow search engines to index page [prevents storing out of date pages], change links to post/page names)

Menu structure allows you to drag and drop tabs (to order and separate)

Wordfence security helps protect site

    For other plugins, consider when they were last updated for relevance and security

Themes to customize look and format of site (consider if someone w/out web design experience will need to edit the site)

You must install and then activate theme

You can use child themes to customize your site from your downloaded theme

You can manipulate video specs for hero images in WP (but you should do the bulk outside of it for optimization reasons)

Blogs add seo terms

All blog posts should fit into one category (square), but can have other descriptors (blue, large, digital, etc.)