December 7, 2020 Training

Creatively Using Text Animators in After Effects by School of Motion

Keep in mind that text effects in AE are essentially effects applied to a collection of vectors

Shapes “applied” to effects, combined with Amount, Ease, and Keyframe properties can give you a lot of functionality with very simple tools

    Remember to layer effects to add more interest!

    Consider Plane Scale property (only on some effects, like wiggle) to get more control

Use paths to help guide direction of animations that you want to be smooth

Remember to use masks to add more interest

Motion blur can smooth out imperfections in animated shapes

Those weird, symbol only typesets can be great for doing this kind of animation

You can delete properties on effects that you don’t need (keep things clean)

Lock dimensions can prevent wiggly effect from warping shapes (affects scale only)

Set Matte effect can create animated stroke effects when used with other effects

Text layers can have Per Character 3d turned on, which means that each character can be edited and animated in a 3d space

Can make effective animations much easier and quicker to achieve