December 7th, 2022 Training

Mastering Presentation Design by Lara Evens on SkillShare

Story Shapes – (those charts about action/tension)

A story with no shape is not very interesting. Remember that you have to keep people engaged

Remember your audience. Know what will speak to them. It’s ideal to change presentation to match them when possible.

Outline, outline, outline! Remember to plot to your story shape.

When presenting multiple concepts (like during pitches), try ordering them from safest to most daring (this will show you know what they’re looking for)

Moodboards can help keep you focused visually/tonally

10 design principles:

  1. Less is more!
  2. One idea per slide (helps prevent overcrowding)
  3. Stick to a color scheme
  4. Don’t overbrand
  5. Don’t center everything
  6. Use the Rule of Thirds
  7. Only use high-quality images
  8. Don’t use bad fonts
  9. Size type correctly (keep presentation setting in mind) and size text in multiples
  10. Format all text

Good copy is part of the design

Don’t use quotes in most contexts

Remember to focus on a visual hierarchy (guide the audience through the content)

Make a Modern Presentation Template by OneSkill on SkillShare

For presentations to a crowd, use 15×26.67in slides

Set margins

Create a font theme! (Save yourself the headache for later)

Set up your default slide templates (commonly used designs)

  • Should look into this for storyline. Could save time
  • It looks like powerpoint includes animations as part of these templates, VV