December 8th, 2022 Training

Make a Modern Presentation Template by OneSkill on SkillShare

(notes from yesterday, to provide context for exploration today)

For presentations to a crowd, use 15×26.67in slides

Set margins

Create a font theme! (Save yourself the headache for later)

Set up your default slide templates (commonly used designs)

  • Should look into this for storyline. Could save time
  • It looks like powerpoint includes animations as part of these templates, VV

Storyline allows us to create and pull from templates. This maintains all formatting and animation applied to the slides included in the template. This could be helpful for future projects as it reduces the need of designing slides used in every presentation (name tag slide, intro slide, remember this slides) and allows us to keep those designs consistent between presentations and designers. We should also use font sets and color schemes alongside this for the same reasons listed above.

Improve Your PowerPoint & Design skills by Andrew Pach on SkillShare

Ctrl and drag resizes a shape while keeping its center in the same place.

Alt removes snap to guide

Format painting tool allows you to copy all formatting from one object and apply to another

Establish and follow color scheme

  • Use color scheme tool in Storyline

Less is More

Be mindful of trends, you don’t have to follow them, but they’re good to know

  • What is this year’s pantone color? What shapes are fashionable? What fonts?

Set shape with no outline as default shape (all new shapes won’t have outline as default)

Guides can help with center alignment (protect caption space)

Consider laying out designs and animations in a way that clearly communicates that there is more content on the way for the slide

  • One slide in the example presentation has a branching set of dotted lines pointing out to steps in a process. The first set of branches appears off of the main branch, and we can see space where further branches will go. Sets expectations.