December 9th, 2022 Training

Improve Your PowerPoint & Design skills by Andrew Pach on SkillShare

For charts, include key points as separate items in text on the slide (helps with clarity! most people are terrible at reading charts)

Take time to build versatile, useful templates for the primary slides (allows for more interesting and complicated slide designs that would be too complicated to design individually)

Make good choices on slide templates (a cool slide with limited uses just adds junk to sift through)

Javascript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners by Chris Dixon on SkillShare

Javascript is a programming language used to make things interactive,as standalone applications, 

  • Works offline!

Manipulate DOM means manipulating the CSS or HTML content

Emmet plugin adds content that needs to be in all HTML files (or other file types) automatically

Link to JS file from HTML file

Minor amounts of JS can also be put in HTML file (use script tag)

Strings are sequences of characters


Use var tag


Var variablename = “what variable represents”;


Allows you to reference back to one place for a piece of info

*Think about a formula calculator

For long “strings” of text or info, include it in single or double quotes

Challenge: Display user’s score


var player = “Name”;

var score = 0;

var displayScore = “<h3>” + player + “‘s” + “ score is” + score + “ points</h3>”;


Take note on how spaces between words and data need to be included within the quotes

<h3> tag sets text as header 3

.concat at the end of a string allows you to concatenate it with another string

.split will allow you to split strings

You can reformat text using Javascript