September 4, 2023 Training

Using different CSS stylesheets in order to separate code for responsive designs.

Cons – Have to update multiple sheets if something not responsive (like font style) changes

Pros – Keeps code clean and separate without long blocks of code under media queries

Always ask if there is content you can exclude on smaller screens. Not everything is important, so focus on what is.

Dig further into responsive grids. Seems great for responsive design while minimizing steps, but struggling to understand flexbox

Bootstrap is good if you’re working exclusively with hard grids. CSS grids allow a little more freedom. Bootstrap has a lot of pre-built components, which saves on time. Probably worth learning for things that don’t need as much customization.

Principle is different tools for different rules

“Front-end development is an art and a science, a blend of creativity and technical expertise. It’s about making the web a more beautiful, more functional, and more accessible place, one website at a time.”

The front end affects responsiveness, site speed, SEO, and accessibility

Important for first impressions and establishing relationships

What people will think of you, so make it representative