November 5, 2020

WordPress: Accessibility by Joe Dolson (cont. from yesterday) Images — Decorative icon fonts and SVGs should have an aria-hidden=”true” attribute attached; this will tell screen readers to ignore these items; items that are functional (image buttons) should have alt text describing what that item is for. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (aria) is a set of

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November 4, 2020 Training

Project Management with Bonnie Biafore on Lynda.com What problem are you solving? Use this to direct your attention and resources. Define success criteria. Identify requirements, deliverables, and scope for your solution Project Management Skills: Technical, Business Expertise, Problem-Solving, Interpersonal, LEADERSHIP Process Groups Initiating > Planning > Executing > Monitoring and Controlling > Closing Traditional VS

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Inclusive Instructional Design

by Samantha Calamari on Lynda.com Instructional design (def.) Creating learning materials and experiences, ideally digestible and interactive (ie. engaging) Inclusive design (def.) Consideration of the range of user diversity when creating products and services Inclusive Instructional Design (IID) Creating learning and content for a variety of perspectives and needs Universal design (def.) Attempts to reach

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