September 12, 2022 Training

Practical Graphic Design by Kyle Aaron Parson on SkillShare

CMYK (print) vs RGB (screen) color

Knolling – organizing things along vertical or horizontal lines to a key object

Consider alignment, it should lead our eyes

Hierarchy – consider size, color choice, contrast, and orientation

Typography – consider size, style, color, leading, and orientation; limit yourself to two per design

    Text threads! Connects text boxes for text to waterfall to next

Empower your Brand by Aram Atkinson on SkillShare

You need to understand your “why.” If you don’t know, then start with understanding what you do and keep explaining why that’s important until you can’t distill it any more. Each why will help you make informed decisions.

Identify your hero. They’ll communicate your message. This can be a fictitious character.

Identify the nemesis. They’re who (or what) causes the problem. They probably won’t see themselves as the villain.

We like faces/people. Having characters give us someone to connect with

Define your genre (tone)

What is the conflict and resolution? We are compelled by stories, figure out how to tell yours

    Don’t forget your characters or tone in your posts

Remember to consider generally accessibility things. You’re missing people to connect with if your colors don’t work or if you don’t have any captions.